Saturday, August 25, 2007

The peach orchard

George and I went to Smolak Peach Orchard in North Andover today. It was very hot, so there weren't a lot of people there and the fruit was just amazing. They had beautiful plums as well as peaches and we filled up a box for $20.00. I had never been there. The blue Italian plums were beautiful, but roped off with yellow police tape, because they are not ripe yet. I am hoping we can go back next weekend and get them as well.

The weather was 97 degrees and muggy as a swamp. The picking was replaced by fanning, as we stood in the shade and tried not to think about the sweat dripping down our faces. But it was worth it. We picked up a package of cinnamon doughnuts and brought them to our friends in Andover on the way home.

The peaches and plums taste just as good as they look, and I'm surprised we have not done this every year! It is going to be great to make a peach pie tomorrow.


Have a great day.