Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hats on vacation

George and I are having a great time planning our trip to New Orleans. We will only be there for three days. One thing we will do is take the free ferry to Algiers. I love rivers, and any excuse to get out there with the boats sounds good to me. As I look through all the things I'd like to see and do, I realize that we are not going to have enough time to do it all. After all, we want to relax and smell the coffee!

It is sad to read the guidebooks and hear that so many venues and museums are closed for renovations because of hurricane damage. It is a city in recovery. In a small way, I feel that we are helping by going there and joining the tourists who love the city and want to support the people who live there. The whole reason we are going is that we got such a good deal from Travelocity, and we are basically staying at a very nice hotel for free. It is off season because of the heat. I called the hotel today to request a river view and found out there is a rooftop pool, which sounds like fun, especially since the weather is going to be in the high 80's with 70% humidity. I imagine a quick dip in the evening will be just the ticket after a long hot day of walking around the city.

I am taking three hats and two umbrellas. I can't decide which hat to take so I am going to limit myself to three. The hats I want to take are crushable, and the sun is going to be brutal, so...why not? I plan on using the umbrellas as much for shade as for rain. I have one flowery umbrella to use as a "parasol" and a big black golf-sized umbrella for us both to use for thunderstorms. They fold up into tiny packages and are easy to carry.

My history with hats goes back a long time. I have enjoyed taking hats on trips since I was a little girl. My father used to complain that we would be going on vacation and there would be no more room in the trunk and here I would come with one or two straw hats that had to be packed carefully. Half the fun of going on a vacation is deciding which hat to bring.

Maybe I'm living in the wrong century.

Have a great day.