Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My cat is ruined!

My cat has become the ultimate beggar. I can't sit anywhere with any kind of food and she is on me like a flash. Skulking around with her claws OUT, just in case you may move and she might not be able to hang on, she paws her way to whatever is on my plate. Sometimes she wants things like sauerkraut, which you know she doesn't really want, but she scratches and claws her way across your arm to get to it. She doesn't eat corn, hot dogs, salads, but you wouldn't know that by the way she skulks into the room on her way to your plate! Yesterday she had her paws in my tuna salad (can't blame her for that one), and I had to MOVE to another part of the room, leaving her stupidly sitting on my chair all alone watching the TV as if she was interested in the show.

My cat is ruined. She is a beggar. She isn't even polite about it, and I'm tired of having a sharp knife-like claw gently touching my arm every time I want to eat something!

No, you are NOT getting my cranberry scone. Go away!