Sunday, July 15, 2007

Home on Sunday

George and I went to church, where they do not have air conditioning, and even with ceiling fans my friend calls it a "hot box". It is just bearable. The weather here is sunny and warm with thunderstorms expected later in the day. George and I have remarked often that the weather here in Boston comes from a whole other place than the weather at First Connecticut Lake. Up there, the weather map shows the clouds and rain looping down from Canada, and here the weather often comes straight across from Chicago or Ohio. As soon as we get below the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the weather starts to look like a real hot summer day. Up there the days all look like a nice warm day, but not particularly summery. If you want sun every day, northern New Hampshire is not the place to go.

We are still talking about the wild life we saw and enjoyed so much this past week. Here at home it is time to unpack, mow the lawn, trim the veggies, dead head the petunias and make sure the tomatoes are safely inside their cages. My herbs have grown a foot, and the basil is flowering like crazy. The tiny chamomile plant that I bought as an experiment has grown a foot up from the window box and has little flowers on it. If I picked them I could make tea, but I'd rather look at them for a little while. The thyme and abundant, the lavender has beautiful blue blossoms and the sage is healthy and ready for a turkey.

Tomorrow George leaves for Hawaii, a rather sudden trip and one that I cannot participate in. Maybe next year. Someone has to stay home and take care of the hacienda and the kitty. She has had good care while we were gone, but needs a pal in the house. George is going to be gone less than a week, so that is a long airplane ride for a short stay. As an important client said once in a meeting I attended, "a long run for a short slide." We wish him a healthy and happy trip.

Time to go water more plants. Have a great day.