Monday, July 23, 2007


Yesterday George and I went for a ride to Gloucester. On our first date, George misread the time on the movie start, and we missed it, so we took a drive to Gloucester. I guess it started a tradition. When we don't know what to do, we drive to Gloucester. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny Sunday. The air was dry and it was just a very nice day for a drive. We went by Good Harbor Beach and took this picture. It was crowded. The tide was out, so children were playing in the tide pools like they would play in a bathtub at home.

We drove by one of the nice old churches in Gloucester with great names like Our Lady of Good Voyage. This church was started in the mid 1800's by the Portuguese fisherman in Gloucester. It is interesting to imagine what life must have been like then, with no radios, radar, satellite phones, etc., and fishermen gone to sea for months at a time. I imagine that fisherman wives must have really suffered. Yesterday there was a wedding going on, and I got to see one of those huge Hummer limousines in use!

Everyone who had a boat was on it yesterday, and everyone was out. It was fun.

Have a great day.