Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sharing the news

Every time I go to Michael's house I learn a lot. This trip he told me about, which assembles news stories by source. You subscribe to the sources you want to read and you can click through the headlines and get all the news that's fit to print, and more besides, in a very short time. And you get to choose the news sources based on the subjects that interest you most.I have my settings on recipes, the New York Times, The Boston Globe, Google news, Yahoo news...well, you get the idea.

I'm now addicted to my Google/reader. Every morning I go to the computer to check on my Ebay sales, and now I also click through all my chosen news stories as well. I can scroll through national and international news in a jiffy, and catch news about politics, the supreme court, and all the important news tidbits that make up our world. And I don't have to read a single thing about Paris Hilton unless I want to!

It may not be ALL the news, but it is darn close. The feature that Mike and I like is SHARE, where you share the stories that you think are important with others. Michael may not think that my recipe for grilled corn on the cob is the most important story of the day, but I bet he learns from it, just as I learn when he sends me stories about technology and iphones.

Today I subscribed to DIGG, which is another site where you can read a story and either send it to someone to share, or blog it. My blog has the google/reader news on the right column now. There are news stories that I think are important, or fun, or interesting, and now they are there to share. You don't have to read them, but I did, and I liked them enough to share. Information is coming to us in waves from all over the globe, and now we can share what WE like...and take control of where we hear about it.

Thanks Mike for teaching me one more thing!

Have a great day.