Saturday, July 07, 2007

Gone Fishin'

This morning we are off to the Northwoods of New Hampshire on our annual fishing trip. We will see lots of moose, deer, loons and maybe even some lake trout and salmon. Some days we take a boat out onto the lake, and some days we just stay near the cabin and read books and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

I love to wake up early and go out to the porch and knit while listening to the loons, watching the lake change colors, and just enjoy the solitude. This will be our fifth year of going to the cabin, and we always have a great time, rain or shine.

The weather there comes down from Ontario, so it is often cooler than Boston, and the weather can be changeable. There are always a few rain clouds, but seldom a whole day of rain, and this year it is suppose to be mostly sunny with a 20% change of thundershowers some days. We bring rummy, scrabble and a deck of cards in case of really rainy days, but we never have had a day where it rained all day long. It is so beautiful up there!

We do a lot of birdwatching and George brings suet and a feeder to hang in the tree outside the cabin. There is our resident chipmunk who eats our peanuts. We take drives around the beautiful lakes and rivers and look for loons and foxes and other woodland creatures. Although there is no cell phone or internet, there is swimming and picnicking and we take drives to town for groceries and laundry. For some reason, I enjoy going to the laundromat when I am vacationing, something my brother always thought was very weird. The nearest town is 30 miles away, and if there is rain or a sprinkle, we often take off for town to have lunch or look around. George discovered to his delight that there is a library in town that has computers and I can log on to check my email and Ebay sales. So...there is civilization not too far away. We like solitude, but it doesn't have to be desolate!

The rivers in this part of New Hampshire are some of the world's best for flyfishing. I take my flyfishing rod, and consider it a success if I don't catch the fly on the tree behind me. Catching a fish is practically an impossibility, but it is fun to explore the back roads and get out and enjoy the scenery. Some day I would love to go to flyfishing camp, where I would really learn what I was doing. Since I don't have waders, we often just go by the covered bridge and I fish from the shore. The rivers are fast moving and beautiful and there are many scenic covered bridges to explore as well.

The car is packed up and we are almost ready to leave. I have packed some jewelry making supplies, some peyote bead work, some knitting projects, and a lot of library books. We also have good food and meats for barbecuing, and yesterday I made homemade barbecue sauce that tastes really yummy.

Have a great week and we'll see you on the 15th!