Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Three little

I got to stay home from work today. I had a project that needed to be finished, and I took a day off to accomplish that. It was a beautiful sunny day. Looking out my kitchen window this morning, I saw a very cute sight. We have three...count 'em, three baby woodchucks living under our garage.

This is a disaster. A couple of years ago, we had a family of woodchucks with two babies, and I spent an unemployed summer looking at them and enjoying their antics in the warm sun. We thought we had gotten lucky and that our resident family of woodchucks had moved away. There was no real damage to the flower beds and vegetable garden last year. Of course, we didn't temp them with the stuff they really love to eat. Woodchucks love zinnias and lettuce and tomatoes and hate snapdragons, coleus and begonias.

We have tried lots of remedies to get our resident woodchucks to move on. Our neighbors have reported that they have woodchucks in their garden. We were quietly convinced that it is not the neighbors who "have" woodchucks, but that our brood of woodchucks prefer to eat out.

We will be going on vacation in two weeks. Our tempting little tomato budlings will be out there all by themselves, waiting for the voracious appetites of the three little woodchucks.

This is a disaster. But, boy, are they cute!