Sunday, June 21, 2009

Right Angle Weave

The moral of this story is: from little acorns mighty oaks do grow.

At the Bead and Button Show in early June, I rather impulsively signed up for a class called Rings and Bling, with a beautiful picture of a bracelet made with beaded rings. I show up for the class, taught by one of the great beaders, Jeannette Cook, and found out that I was in the right room, but the wrong class for me. Everyone was very nice, but I found out that Jeannette had sent an email to everyone who signed up for the class making sure that they were proficient at right angle weave before they showed up to try to make the project. Since I had signed up at the registration desk, I didn't have that information. I decided to stay and take the $140 (3 hour) class anyway, and Jeanette gave me kind and patient instructions on right angle weave beading. It was a little like showing up for a writing 101 class and find out it is being taught by James Joyce. Oh well.

I have been struggling to learn this weave, and decided to jump in with cube beads and try to make something. I have the next project all lined up, with pattern and Swarovski crystals, but I needed to get the rhythm of this stitch first. Everyone says that most people have trouble learning right angle weave, and I think they are right. But at least I had a famous teacher to help me as I muddled through.

Today I started and finished this practice bracelet. It is made with Soho cube beads in brown, closed with a black crystal. I don't know why I chose this particular shade, but I sort of like it. It looks like something Abby on NCIS would wear.

So, this is my little acorn of a bracelet, with lots of beautiful projects in right angle weave to follow soon!

Have a great day.