Sunday, June 21, 2009

Otter Cabin

In two weeks George and I will be at our cabin in Northern New Hampshire. It is fun to think about. We have been going there for a week each summer for the last eight years. We take our fishing gear, a sweatshirt with a hood (it gets cool up there), our fold up chairs and lots of books.

It is very peaceful and this year we have reserved a cabin that we have never had before, Otter Cabin. It is the small older cabin just a few yards from the water. At night you can hear the loons, and it was a high point of our visit two years ago when we saw a mother Merganzer and her 24 ducklings swim by. Loons come very close to us when we are fishing off the dock in the evenings. For $50 we can rent a boat and go out onto the big lake if we want. Sometimes we want, and sometimes we don't bother. The lake is 150 feet deep in places, and the fish are very far down, so I wouldn't say that our chances of catching anything out there are very good. One year we surprised everyone by bringing in a beautiful 19" lake trout.

We love the fishing, and it is fun to concentrate on something entirely different than the stuff you think about every day. All we have to worry about is our line and whether our bait is still on the hook.

It is fun to putter around and look at all there is to see. We have seen bald eagles, loons, moose, deer, rabbits, and all kinds of things. The birdwatching is good right around the cabin too, and George always has peanuts out on the cabin steps for the resident chipmunks. TV is spotty, there are no cell phone towers, and there is only one station on the radio, so we don't even bother with all that. Instead we play Cribbage and read and just enjoy nature. It is a very quiet place, and all the people who like to drink beer and party stay somewhere else. The evenings are perfectly quiet and if you want to "party" the only place to go is a local pizza pub that is pretty quiet too!

It is good to be able to go this year and not worry about things at home. I'm really looking forward to long days in the sun with a good book, and some fun hikes and picnics. Canada is not far away, and some years we drive 30 miles into Quebec to St. Patrie to a favorite little restaurant where everyone speaks French.

I'm really looking forward to our quiet and peaceful vacation!

Have a great day!