Monday, May 25, 2009

A short trip to Maine

George and I decided to go on a short trip to Maine today to get some clams. It is a beautiful, cool, sunny day, and it seemed impossible not to get out there in it. The weather has been beautiful all weekend, and the sun is bright and the sky is blue. I have decided that my ideal temperature is somewhere between 67 and 72. Any hotter than 72 and I start complaining, any cooler and I'm still complaining! I get harder to please as I get older.

No trip to Maine is complete without a stop at a clam shack. We went just into York Beach to find this one, and it was homey and nice. The clams and my fish and chip plate were delicious, hot and crispy. We stopped at the Crate and Barrel outlet store at Kittery and bought a clear lucite lemonade pitcher...a sure sign that summer is coming.

George is napping, I'm blogging and getting ready to go read my book, a yummy one about Isabella de Medici and medieval Florence. Yum.

Have a great day.