Saturday, May 16, 2009

A new word on a Saturday morning

It is only six a.m. this morning, and I have already learned a new word. I think it is a beautiful word. It is a Yiddish word: Chazzerai: (khaz-zer-rye) literally, pig slop. Any kind of garbage, whether it's junk food, shoddy merchandise or stuff of little or no value. "I never watch TV any more. All they play is chazzerai."

I learned this word in an article in the New York Times. I read the newspapers online while I wait for something to happen on Farm Town. (Don't ask.)

I was reading an article about life in the Hamptons this summer, and the recession, and that people who are having outdoor parties are simplifying and are not decorating their party tents with a lot of "Chazzerai" I can see all kinds of uses for this word. I have a closet full of it. I collect it like a maniac. I have jewelry that I made that has too much of it. Pig Slop? Well, I guess you could call it that. I seem to have a lot of stuff around me that has little value to anyone else. I look around the room, and see many things that others might consider pig slop. But to me, it is a little nicer than that. It is my Chazzerai collection. I like it.

Have a great day.