Sunday, February 15, 2009

Queen of Hearts

Last night George and I hosted the annual Hearts Party at church. Twenty two people showed up for a chili supper. We had to overcome a disaster on our way to the church. Just down the street from our house, someone started to back out of their driveway, and George hit the breaks. They stopped. We stopped. We started, and they started backing out again. This time George hit the breaks a little harder. I screamed..."the Chili!". We went back home. Sure enough, the chili in the pot in the trunk had splashed all over the place. It was in a box with newspapers and kitchen towels, but the lid had flown off into the trunk and there was chili slurped everywhere. It was a disaster. We lost about six cups of chili off the top of the pot, and had a really messy clean up job. We were a little late to church, but someone else had brought a pot of chili too, so after we swabbed the pot and ourselves (it was a real mess), we heated our chili and there was plenty for everyone.

Twenty people had a lot of fun playing cards and two people sat out because they planned to anyway. The game ended at 9:30 with a playoff, and I was in the top four women, the lowest scorers. During the play off game, everyone got a heart except me. I win! I'm the Queen of Hearts for 2009!

Today after our recovery nap, we were looking at the parade cam for Marti Gras in New Orleans. Our favorite parade today is called "Barkus"....for dogs only. Oh, they get silly in New Orleans!

Have a great day!