Sunday, February 22, 2009

"And, why do you do that?"

This weekend I have been learning how to make crocheted beaded jewelry. Every teacher in a bead store will tell you that this is a complicated technique. I went to my first class last Wednesday, and will go to the second this week. Because I strung the wrong beads in the wrong pattern for my class last week, I had to start anew yesterday, and that meant that I had to start the project off, just six little beads crocheted on a very thin thread...and somehow I made it work. The process is so difficult that the next class will teach us how to start and finish, so I am ahead of the game. I had no choice, since my original string was useless. I did it! Yay! Another addiction in progress.

A year ago, I developed a trigger finger. The index finger of my right hand developed a cartilage problem, probably from overuse. I had to wear a splint for several weeks. I went to the hand therapist that the hand surgeon referred me to. She asked me to tell her how I use my hands. What don't I do? I type all day, and then make jewelry all night and all weekend. In my off hours, I knit socks and crochet afghans. I carefully explained the process for making peyote stitch beads. I explained that you take tiny perfectly cylindrical Delica beads (made in Japan, of course, where they know perfection) and I weave them using silk thread to make peyote beads. The therapist looked at me and said, "And....why do you do that?". Well. Because. Because making things is in my blood and I spend most of my free time, and risk overusing my hands, just to do these things. I don't know why. Why do ducks like white bread?

At my class the other night, I was with several other people who also love to make things, and one lady and I shared our stories of making socks, and how much we love making them, the kind of yarn we like (she is making some using yarn made from seashells, and I like soy fiber) and how many we have made...dozens of pairs. She stuck out her foot, showing her beautiful striped handiwork and her Birkenstocks. Now, that is a lady who understands! She wouldn't say to me, "And WHY to you do that???"

So, here I am this weekend, learning how to make crocheted beaded jewelry. I plan to learn how to finish these bracelets in class on Wednesday and to wear them to New Orleans. The next one is Marti Gras colors: purple, gold and green. After that, I will just make them because that is what I do.

Have a great day.