Monday, February 09, 2009

Monday Mornings

Today is Monday morning, and it is a really fine day. Years ago, I used to have something I called the Sunday Night Syndrome, where I dreaded Mondays and started the downward spiral sometime on Sunday afternoon. I knew it was irrational, but I couldn't seem to help myself.

Today that Monday morning syndrome thing is all gone. I no longer stress about work on Sundays, and I look forward to each day the same. Monday is the beginning of another exciting week for me, and I feel very very lucky to like my job so much.

This weekend I felt that I should probably have someplace to go, or something exciting to do, but I didn't. Instead of finding my fun outside the house, I bought some paper and made valentines. I mailed them this morning. The process was really fun. As I sat and cut out paper hearts, and embossed the cards, I realized that i was going back to the creative process that children have when they make things just for the fun of it. I wasn't going to make any money doing this, I wasn't probably going to learn that much (although I did learn a better way to take glue dots off the backing), and I wasn't spending my time doing anything that would impress others. But I had a great deal of fun all by myself, cutting out hearts and pasting them on cards and making designs that I thought others would enjoy. I mailed out 10 valentines this morning at the post office.

I can't think of a better way to start off a Monday morning.

Have a great day.