Friday, February 13, 2009

A lesson in patience

Long before Christmas George and I bought a box containing and amaryllis bulb, and planted it in it's little white plastic pot. I don't like that pot very much, but that is what they come with. For several weeks, the bulb just sat in its pot and did nothing. I thought maybe it was too cool, so I put it on top of the stove under the overhead lights. Gradually, one centimeter at a time, the bulb started to send up a shoot. Then there were two little shoots. I kept it watered with warm water, a little at a time, and gradually, gradually, it started to grow. I kept it on the stove for three weeks! Then, it outgrew it's area on the stove. The blossom was one inch from the light bulb when I moved it to the living room. It is still growing!

Now the Amaryllis has been in our family so long we don't even remember when we got it. We have grown used to this albatross growing in our house. Up and up it goes.
Finally, two days ago, the first tight blossom has started to break open....and it has been 3 days since THAT started to happen. It is so tall it has outgrown the pot and just looks silly. We are all still waiting. Waiting.

Hey, maybe it's waiting for Valentines Day!

Have a great day!