Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kitty Saturday

On Saturday the kitties get to spend more time in the whole house and don't have to stay in the kitchen. They explore the window sills, the couches, and their favorite hidey hole under the blue couch in the living room. The upstairs is still closed off to them (doors shut) because they have a lot of exploring to do yet downstairs. Simba got into the bedroom yesterday morning and it took us ten minutes to get him out from under the bed. So the rooms upstairs will stay closed off to kitties.

Saturdays for kitties are pretty boring. I am wondering what they are going to do if they have to spend the next 20 years or so exploring this house, but I will wipe that out of my mind. George is working hard to get Safari more comfortable with the whole lap thing. Safari now lies on the couch next to George, in her come hither pose, and we have made big strides in getting her to be less shy. She is by far the more curious of the two. Simba just takes everything in stride, and jumps on every lap he can find.

We have a lot of training ahead of us. Neither kitty will use the new $40 scratching post with the sisal rope. They would rather scratch the purple couch. Last night I decorated the post like a kitty Christmas tree, with fluffy feathers that blow in the air, and a favorite toy, hoping that they will take notice. So far, they haven't, but we have a lot of training ahead of us.

Simba has learned how to climb the back of my computer chair and walk across the keyboard. Bye for now. Hello from Simba: /liouezniop34jk;=dp

Have a great day.