Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's easy, right??

I bought a feather toy for the kittens the other day and got it out yesterday afternoon. I like to hold a few things back, and when I see that they are bored and ready to get into trouble, I pull out something new for them to play with.

Before I had this brown mouse with long pheasant type feathers out of the package, I had two small cats clawing at my leg trying to get at the thing. I held it high, and unclipped it from it's cardboard backing and tied it to a string and stick. Bad news. Both cats went nuts. I looked to see if there was catnip in this toy, thinking that my cats were now high on drugs. No catnip. It was the feathers they were after. Safari, who is the huntress, immediately got the thing between her paws and started ripping the long beautiful feathers out of it. She got one out right away. I tried to toss the thing around and the cats were falling all over themselves trying to bite it. It got very aggressive. If this continued, I was going to get scratched. I'm trying to play with the kittens, not make them into blood thirsty feather monsters.

Things never improved, and in a few minutes, I cut the new feather toy off the string and hid it in a place where they will hopefully never find it. Since it cost $5.00 I don't have the heart to throw it away. But, frankly, I don't see many options. They act just like outdoor cats act when they are pulling apart a dead bird. Not exactly my idea of nice housecat behavior.

On the back of the feather toy package, there is a copywrited color wheel chart that lists a kitties "Complete Needs" system. According to this fancy chart, cats need privacy, scratching, hunting, resting, stimulation, hygiene, exercise, nutrition, independence, treats, interaction and safety.

No wonder George and I are tired.

Have a great day.