Tuesday, August 05, 2008

If it flies like a bug, its a bug.

The other day I went into the kitchen and found that the kitties had chewed off the feathers from their feather toy. The upsetting thing about this is that I never found the feathers, so they are probably already digested. I've learned another lesson about feather toys. Now we are left with a small stick with an elastic cord and a bell at the end. Safari is CRAZY for that bell. It is her favorite toy. She is the one who likes bugs, and this little light weight bell flinging around is just the kind of fly she likes. She jumps and twirls and hangs from the rafters when that bell is around.

I have to be careful, because I don't want to hit her in the eye with it, and I don't want her to eat and swallow it, so I have it securely fastened and we only play with it a few minutes at a time. But she loves it so much, I can't resist.

Simba will play jump around the kitchen like a madman with all toys. He likes the big yellow fake feather one the best. Fake feathers are much sturdier than real ones, and since they are made out of fabric, they hold up to chewing much better than real feathers. They sell feather toys for cats that have long elegant and colorful feathers, and look beautiful. Those would last about five minutes.

We change the toys around, and give them someone new to play with, and put the older things away and then bring them out again later. This seems to satisfy that curiosity. Still you don't always need store bought toys. One of Safari's favorite things to do is to go by the back door and hide under one of George's nylon coats and wait for Simba to find her and pounce on her.

Who needs pretty feathers when and old gray coat will do just fine.

Have a great day.