Friday, July 25, 2008

Two weeks of kittens

We have had the kittens two weeks and I think they have doubled in size. They are growing, which is what I expected after they had good food, lots of play, and two people who love them. Safari is coming around. She is not so afraid, and she lays right in the middle of the kitchen and lets you walk around her. She is home. Simba is our fearless leader, and jumps to the top of the kitty condo and with paws hanging over the side, is king of all he surveys. They are breathtakingly beautiful to look at, and as they fill out, and their fur gets longer and prettier, their stripes show up more, and they are just awesome little cats. Am I prejudiced? No.

We go to bed a little later, and we get up a little earlier to be with the kittens. It has been a big change in our lives. It won't be this way forever, but for now, until the kittens are acclimated and we are sure they are safe, we stay with them most of the time that they are not in their playpen/cage.

Safari likes to go into the silk colored bag that we bought and play "mouse" with George. Simba likes it up high, where he can grab at the feather toy and almost always catches it. His reflexes are perfect, and what he wants, he gets. Simba can climb anything, but Safari has more trouble pulling herself up to the top of things. She is content to stay below most of the time. I make sure that she is included in all our games, so that Simba doesn't get the best of her. They are so different, it is really interesting. They roll and wrestle and have a good time together. What great kittens. I feel so lucky to have such beautiful cats in the house.

More tomorrow. Have a good day. Happy Friday.