Wednesday, July 23, 2008


In the morning, I let the kitties out of their play pen, and stay in the kitchen with them for a quiet hour. Ha. Today they were far from quiet. They had a steeplechase all around the kitchen, jumping over food bowls, landing in water bowls, and going over one obstacle after another. They were clearly getting their exercise after a long night penned up. We never hear a peep out of them in their cage at night, and many times during the day they go in there to sit up on the shelves or play on the floor.

There are big differences between Simba and Safari. Safari likes to root around on the floor looking for the stray small ant, or finding little bigs of fluff or paper. She is the follower. Simba is the alpha male. He likes to climb and is darn good at it. He already knows how to get to the top of the cage, (which is five feet high), in three steps. He sits on top and meows at me, triumphant in his success.

They are playful and fun. George and I take turns sometimes being in the kitchen with them so we know they are not getting into trouble. Little noises are a very big deal. They hear George coming down the hall and wait for him at the door, and then when he steps in they run. It is a game. They listen to teapots, birds, squeaky toys accidentally stepped on, dropped beads...anything that might mean a little extra fun.

We are doing well with our kitties, even though they take up a lot of time. I'm happy that my jewelry table is right there in the kitchen too, so I can work while they play. It is a big world in that kitchen!

Have a great day.