Saturday, July 19, 2008

Simple pleasures: a bottle cap

The kittens are staying in the kitchen for now. Life is good. A pop bottle cap can provide endless entertainment. Today I put the circle blue plastic wrap off a milk bottle cap and tied it to a string. We had fun for an hour with that!

They have bouncy toys, a ball of yarn, feather mice, measuring spoons, and stuffed moose as playthings, but their all time favorite toy is a feather thing attached to an elastic cord, which is attached to a stick. Thank God for that little black stick. The kittens fly at the feather with all claws out, and my legs are 4" away. It is inevitable that I am going to get scratched in the melee, but...right now I don't care. When I play on the floor with them, I cover my legs with newspapers, and that seems to work fine, and adds a little crunch as they land as well.

It is a high time in the kitchen every morning, every evening, and several times a day as well. Both of them can jump as high as the kitchen counter, and twist in the air, and come down on all fours. Sometimes they come down on their back, but it doesn't seem to faze them. Playing together is fun. Sometimes Simba gets the better of the feather game, and Safari has to stand back and wait her turn. We saw that at the foster mother's house too, when our kittens stood back and waited their turn while the more aggressive older kittens batted and played. They are really sweet kittens.

Food doesn't seem to be any problem for them. In fact, I'm a little worried that we have gone through half a bag of dry food this week. They get a cup at a time, and they finish off one during the night, one in the morning, and at night they get a small can of kitten Science diet. They have grown, and sometimes they look so big to me, but when I hold them in my arms, they seem much smaller. They hide their heads under my elbow as I comb and brush them. Grooming is important, and these kittens get brushed several times a day, and I'm going to clip their nails once a week, starting today. I'll report later how that goes.

Today is going to be 93 and humid. I have the air conditioners going, and intend to lay low and make jewelry today. It is high time. I have 13 special orders, and today is the day I have to finish them.

Tomorrow is church, and then who knows what. The summer is here, finally, with the kind of weather you think about when you are shoveling snow. The birds outside need fresh water, so I gotta go.

Have a great Summer day!