Sunday, March 09, 2008

Things are looking up....

I think things are beginning to look up. We would hope. I still have the lingering effects of a bad cold and may have to call the doctor to find out what to do next. I thought it was gone, but it is taking a lot longer than I wanted.

My mother is in the hospital with pneumonia. She is where she needs to be and about all I can do from here is pray that she has nice nurses and they are able to build her strength back up so she can go home. I sent her beautiful flowers yesterday and talked to her caretaker while she was in the room with mom. Her color is good, she has her appetite, and we hope she will get stronger and be safe there. When she goes home, I will go to Oklahoma to help her for a week.

Taking care of the elderly is an issue for a lot of people I know. Us baby boomers all have elderly parents now, and many people are living well into their 90's these days because of amazing advances in pharmaceuticals. It occurred to me yesterday that making myself sick with worry over my mother's health isn't very helpful. There is no pill for worry, and it can lead to illness too. I feel bad when my mom is ill, and I feel helpless. I have to try to put her wellbeing somewhere in balance with my own, which is very hard. Balance is very hard to attain, and life seems to have a teeter totter effect sometimes which makes us concentrate on one thing and someone else goes out of whack. Getting a good work/life balance is often talked about. I feel that we have to take care of our emotions and our mental well being. Like the commercial says, "Life comes at you fast..."

Today George is going to an airplane auction with his club, and I am at home, pretty stuck without a car. Sometimes cars come at your fast too. My accident has left me with the residue of panic whenever I see a car at a cross-street. Crash paranoia is a side-affect of collisions I guess. Being without my own car isn't the best either, but I think they will have it all repaired next week.

With my time at home today, I am going to completely recover from this cold. I also am going to have George take me to the health club this evening for a first in over a week. No use coughing and spreading my germs to all those people who are trying to get more healthy, but I really missed my work outs.

It's going to be a slow Sunday today, and I'm going to remember that slow is a good thing, since life comes at you fast!

Have a good day.