Saturday, March 29, 2008

My new golf clubs!

George and I went to Sports Authority and each of us got a new set of golf clubs! This opens up a whole new world. George knows how to golf and on the few occasions he goes out each year, he manages to do pretty well. I, on the other hand, am a complete newbie. But I have pretty good eye/hand coordination, so I have high hopes.

The salesman was very good and stayed right with us. He showed me a set of pink golf clubs that were high end, and far too expensive, and I fell in love with the pink part, just as he knew I would. From then on, we shopped and looked and took a few swings in the little "batting cage" and I kept looking at the pink ones. Then the very good-at-what-he-does salesman found a set of pink clubs at $100 off the regular price, and bam. I was sold. We also bought George a new set. His are a nice manly black and red. It was time for him to get a new set. His current set of Wilson 1200's are twenty years old. We looked them up on Ebay, and you can buy a whole set and the bag for $10.

I got the names of a couple of golf teachers in the area, and I have big plans. I was a little taken aback when the salesman said that golf lessons cost $35.00 for a half hour session. Oh well. At our age, I call this investing for the future. When your future is retirement, what else is there to do but golf!

Have a nice day.