Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Midwest Airlines

I love Midwest Airlines. I just made reservations for me and my friend to the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee on June 5th. It is going to be wonderful. Last year, I was flying some other airline, like Continental or American, and my flight home was scheduled with a three hour layover in Detroit. I was not looking forward to that. When I checked in for the flight, I was called to the service desk. Usually that means your flight is cancelled and you are in for a bumpy road, but this time, they told me that they had transferred me to a Midwest Airline non-stop flight to Boston that would get me there three hours sooner. Hurray!!

It was double-hurray when I got onto the flight and saw those big comfy brown leather seats. And it was tripled when they came around with those home made, warm, freshly baked chocolace chip cookies which are their trademark. I've heard that when you sell a house, you could make cookies so the buyers can smell them while they are looking at your home. I am just as sold on Midwest Airlines. Their service is wonderful, the planes are not crowded, the seats are huge, and who can resist a cookie after that ordeal at any airport. And round trip to Milwaukee on their Spring sale is $146.00. That is such a deal! So things are looking the cookies in the sky.

Have a great day.