Sunday, February 03, 2008

Streusal Cake in a Cup

For Christmas, we received a gift of a boxed Dean Jacobs streusel cake mix which you bake in two porcelain cups. Blessed Google gave me the information about this cake mix. They have lots of different kinds and you can buy them from online kitchen supply places. They range from $10 to $16 each. It is a sweet basic streusel cake mix, to which you add egg, oil and water. You add butter or margarine to the streusel mix topping, and mix it all together and bake it for 35 minutes. Each cake is in it's own white porcelain cup.

Yesterday morning we decided to bake the cake so we could write a nice thank you letter. There is something basically confusing about baking a cake in a cup. I can't figure out why I am bothered by this. I know what bothers George--where will be put the cups. He has a saying when we want to buy something new, "Where are we going to put it?" He is right. They sell a lot of wonderful things that I can afford but can't store. No, that is not what bothers me so much. I guess I am too frugal. I am bothered by the fact that when you finish, you have two small single serving cakes, when you could bake a big streusel cake in the same amount of time and for a lot less money. Don't get me wrong. I am grateful for the gift. It is good to get any gift that makes you think.

Have a great day.