Sunday, February 24, 2008

No more Pitiful Pearl!

George came home safely. He arrived at 7:30 a.m. on Friday, about an hour before the snow started. The snowstorm was responsible for everyone getting off work early on Friday, so I got to come home to watch George nap. Taking the red eye from Hawaii is enough to make anyone want to nap all day. He slept most of Friday, and took another long nap on Saturday, and now he is all better.

George brought me six lovely t-shirts in nice colors that I will enjoy wearing to the health club, and which will see many trips to the washing machine. He went to the flea market and spent so much time choosing the right colors and designs that the seller became surly. I guess there are surly flea market salespeople everywhere...even in paradise.

He also brought candied pineapple, macadamia nuts, Hawaii calendars that were a big bargain at 5 for a dollar (who cares if no one needs another calendar), t-shirts for his grandkids and some really beautiful pearls for me.

On the way to work on Friday morning, he gave me a strand of beautiful brown pearls with a sterling clasp that I put right on. It was an exciting morning! He also bought me a strand of black pearls for me to hand knot, and another beautiful strand of mother of pearl which is white on one side and pearly gray on the other. I have never seen any beads like these, and they will be wonderful to work with. He is always thinking of me, and I was always thinking of him. I am awfully happy to have him back home.

We had a great time at the health club today. He went on my guest pass, and worked with the trainer. It was nice to share that together. Things are looking up!

Have a great day.