Friday, February 01, 2008

Apples, Bananas and Oranges

I work in a healthy community. Lately I have been asked to join the Wellness Committee. One of the efforts of the wellness committee in the past few months is to provide fresh apples, bananas and oranges for employees for healthy snacks. The committee replaced all foods in the vending machines that contained trans fats and added a lot of snacks that are healthier, if not low calorie. They took the cokes out of the machines and replaced them with juice and water. All this is very good. Some of the water has fructose and calories, and some of the snacks are only low fat, but we need calories for energy, and no one needs heart clogging trans fats.

Today I picked up an apple from the front desk. It is a red delicious. George and I don't buy red delicious from the grocery store, because their skins are tough and often they are mealy and soft. Ew. So we mostly buy Gala or Fuji. They are usually beautiful and fresh. My apple from the reception desk is so wonderful that I Googled the name on the little label - Stemilt. Lo, behold, there are beautiful pictures of an apple orchard in Wenatchee, Washington. You can pick apples, take a tour, buy some jelly and go on a hay ride if you want to. But all I want is a good delicious apple at my desk that is fresh and juicy.

Bananas and oranges will have to wait for another day.

Have a great day!