Monday, August 30, 2004

Random acts of knitting

Last night I finished another scarf. Details: Plymouth Yarn 24K in color 1373 (brown and gold flecked) with brown Flutter. Cast on 35 stitches, so it is ample, not narrow. I would rather spend a little more and have something truly wonderful, than something that is narrow and too short. One ball of yarn will make a scarf, but you don't get much scarf. This scarf is coppery, shiny, flirty with eyelash yarn and.. fancy. It reminds me of the Roaring 20's. It is not long enough to get caught up in the wheels of a Model T, like poor Isadora Duncan's did. The good news is that is nice and long, reaching at least down to my waist on both sides. The bad news is that to make it that long, I had to use two balls of Plymouth 24K @$9 each, and two and a half of Flutter at $5 each. Let's see: $33 for yarn alone. That seems a bit excessive. But with only one ball, the scarf would not have hung lower than your collarbone. Pretty is as pretty does, or pretty is as pretty costs. Knitting is not a cheap hobby. I keep telling myself that it is cheaper than collecting antique cars, or flying airplanes, or even golf. One of my friends takes cruises for a hobby. Knitting is not THAT expensive. I need to sell more scarves. I found a willing victim last winter, and sold one red fancy one for about the cost of the yarn that I made it with. I made business cards: Wildflower Designs. But my corporate policy is not to make anything I wouldn't wear myself---since I will probably have to. Any other scarf addicts out there?

:-) cheers