Monday, August 30, 2004

Random acts of kindness

This morning was a trip to the dreaded Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. The line was only 1/2 block long when I arrived at 8:15, which is 15 minutes before they are set to open. They like surprises. Anyway, in line, I started chatting with the folks who hate the place as much as I do...and I loaned a pen to someone, who seemed very surprised to find kindness in such a place. Actually, it was not bad. They happily took my $41 and gave me a slip of paper for my glove compartment, and the fellow at the window had lots of time to chat, even with a long line of scowling people waiting. State workers are very friendly lately it seems. Anyway, today I will try to open doors, help old ladies, lend pens, and spread a little cheer to folks who expect the worst.

:-) Cheers!