Saturday, August 28, 2004


Last week, when I was in Washington DC visiting my son, he gave me two really wonderful gifts. As I met him in the airport he offered me "my first gift". It was a shiny and classic, black Waterman pen, perfect to write in the Moleskine journals which we both love.

For my birthday present, he gave me a brand new IPOD, so beautiful, sleek, small, white, heavy and I listened to Madonna the other day for the first time. I downloaded Beethoven and Stephen Sondheim. The sound is amazing, and is like listening to the music just the way it was recorded, instead of listening it through the filter of noise on the car stereo. I love my IPOD. I am so lucky to have such a generous son, who is also my best friend. My IPOD is comfy in a new cotton print case that I bought, (looking very un-techie like) and I'm going to enjoy it for a long long time.

Technology is wonderful, but even more wonderful is having a son to share it with you. Send in the clowns.

Thanks, Michael.