Saturday, August 28, 2004

Choosing a name....

I chose Flowers and Fiber because I love to do so many crafts, love to learn new things, and love the people ... well, the people I love. I chose Fiber, because knitting and spinning are so important to me. Knitting things for the people I love is one of my greatest pleasures -- Flowers and Fiber!! It is amazing to me to be able to share my thoughts with the world. I suppose, like all of us, we have much to share, but it is still hard to open up the package for the first time and explore what I have to say. In time I'm sure I will turn this blog into something less personal, but right now, it seems, it is all about "me".

My mother is one of the people in my life I love most. If this were her blog, it would be about practical things like housework, cooking or gardening. I like all those things too, within reason, of course, but I like to sit and knit a whole lot better. My knitting is creative, rarely following a pattern, but letting the texture and patterns take shape. I heard once that "good rippers make good knitters", and I have to do my share of start overs. My mother and I laugh often together. I never take our conversations for granted, since she is now 94 years old. God has been good and granted us a long time together, and I am grateful for that every day of my life. Our joke is that if the phone rings, and company is coming, she would first take out all of the pots and pans and paint the insides of the cupboards. I would run outside to cut flowers to arrange them and put on a lace tablecloth. I tend not to be all that practical sometimes. I like to create and look at things, and see colors and posibilities. I love to change my mind. I have learned not to be hard on myself. I am not my own best friend, yet,...but I'm working on it! I have one good quality,-- once my mind is made up---I see things through, and have very few unfinished projects, despite my whirling curious mind.

Can't wait to see this in print, so I'm off. More later, my mysterious reader.

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