Thursday, August 07, 2014

Temple Bells

This morning, George and I were in the front of the house coming in from an errand.  He was pulling deadly nightshade out of our shrub by the front door.  There is nothing I hate more than deadly nightshade.  The berries are poisonous - Atropa belladonna
and the vines grow like weeds.  One day they are not there, and the next they are 10 feet high and threatening to grow into the windows.  I was rather emphatic that George pull those weeds out at once!  Belladonna indeed!   As I was standing there on the front porch, I reached up and touched our temple bells.  The string vaporized in my hand and the little wooden balls which ring the bell fell and started rolling down the steps.  I barely touched it, and there it was - a shambles.  They had hung there a long time - through cold and snow, thick and thin.  I was amazed how the thing came down in pieces.  My first thought was fixing the bells with jewelry wire, and my next thought was - Amazon!

So, something we hate and something we love - both fell at the same time.  Not to make too much of this... rather than looking for the jewelry wire - I went on Amazon and found this:
 Not only do they sound beautiful, they also hang well on that spot; taking into consideration that the mail delivery person needs some headroom to stash the mail, and probably would not like being banged into by a large wind chime.   And, in the way way dark reaches of my mind, I am congratulating myself for being so flexible, kind, forgiving.  For something that both George and I know, but which we never spoke about this morning is this:  the original temple bells were a gift to him from an old girlfriend.

I'm going to wait on that Amazon order;  maybe we can find something we like better.

Have a great day.