Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Journaling to remember

George and I have usually kept a journal of our trips and written about each day.  It is something that is fun to do.  We get to discuss what we remember of the day.  Ah, that is the key -- remembering.  Yesterday we were trying to remember how often we have been to Dayton to the Airforce Museum (twice) and what route did we take?  No idea.  We remember seeing Glacier Girl in Middlesboro, Kentucky, but we have no idea where we went from there.  Did we visit my brother in Lexington, and then go to Oklahoma to visit my mother?  No idea.  How could we forget? No idea.

When we go to First Connecticut Lake for our yearly vacation at the cabin, we always make a list of the wild life we see each day.  That seems to be more "productive" than writing what we do each day--which seems to be very little.  Or maybe we do a lot each day, but it is patterned the same; read, make lunch, take a drive, play cards -- over and over;  not great for journaling.

We journaled our trip on the cruise ship to Bermuda in May.  THAT was much more interesting reading.  The ship was great, the weather was great, the ocean was great, -- well, maybe that gets a little monotonous too -- but we still enjoyed sitting on our balcony, watching the sunrise and sunsets and writing in the journal.

We are planning another trip to Dayton in September.  It would be nice to know how we got there, what we saw, the high points of the trip.  But we have lost the memories of the day to day on that trip because we didn't write a journal.  Next time we will!

Have a great day.