Saturday, August 02, 2014


If you Google "how to retire", most of the articles are about how to retire early.   I never even thought about retiring early -- I couldn't imagine what life would be like.  I loved going to work and waited a long time to actually write and deliver my resignation letter.  It was a decision that I made, and one that was also made for me.  When it is time to leave a job, it is pretty obvious.  Just like anything else, you follow the signs.

I have over 135 books on my Kindle that need to be read.  I have a jewelry studio bursting with beautiful beads and elements that need to be used.  I have a kiln for precious metal clay that needs to be fired. I have letters to write, walks to take, and many places to visit.  And, not least, George will love having me home. We are looking forward to all things big and small.  Big trips are being planned, but small things too;  more time on the deck in the sunshine, more bird watching at Plum Island, more weekday trips to Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester, more weekday lunches together.  The possibilities seem endless. It is very exciting.  It's time.

Time to say goodbye to working, so that I have time for more hellos to everything else!