Sunday, August 02, 2009

My Yellow Swallowtail

Three years ago I bought a butterfly bush. Lacking a better place to put it, I planted it in the garden. Without really thinking about it, I could not have chosen a better place. It was a small little plant, and I thought it would take root there, and I may have to move it. Not so. It has grown to be a nice large and happy bush, right outside my kitchen window. Now, what better place to view passing butterflies than right outside the kitchen where your spend time standing at the sink!

Today I was thrilled to see a Yellow Swallowtail butterfly. I have long loved these butterflies, and I don't see very many of them. One time I was sitting outside at our old place in Woburn, and a huge one landed near me and hovered for a few minutes. I thought it was an angel! The second time I saw one was in Kentucky. We were driving down a lonely country road and there were a whole flock of small yellow swallowtails, also on the same road, for reasons only they knew! I was very excited.

The third time I have seen one is today, right outside my kitchen window. These butterflies are not rare, and are not endangered, and most likely all of us have seen them from time to time, but I have seen them only a few times. What a treat to see one so close today!

Have a great day!