Sunday, March 07, 2010

A cabin in the north woods

We just learned that we have a cabin reserved again this year for a week starting the 3rd of July. We stayed in the same cabin last year; Otter Cabin on First Connecticut Lake in Pittsburg, New Hampshire. The cabin is just feet from the lake, with a view that is beautiful and serene and interesting. We love going to the cabin. The downside is that I am allergic to the antihistimine in bug bites, so I have to be careful to wear bug repellent, and sometimes I am forced to go inside with the bugs start biting. It is usually nothing other than mosquitos and the occasional black fly, but I am bothered more than I want to be. However, the solitude and complete rest are good for us, and I am willing to put up with a few bites to experience such bliss in the woods.

Cabin, here we come!