Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bare branches to little green leaves.

For the past three days we have had the big hard rainy blow in New England. The weather has really been bad, with lots of rain, street flooding and turned up umbrellas. Some people in Rhode Island had 6 feet of water in their basement since rivers overflowed their banks. Streets have buckled with sink holes and people have suffered with two floods in two weeks.

My suffering has been very minor. I had a new heavy duty black umbrella. I left the parking garage on Tuesday, opened my new umbrella, and had it immediately flip inside out. I turned and it went back into place, and back into its case, never to be seen again.

We have a beautiful view of a park and river from the windows at work. The trees are in green leaf. We went from cold brown winter branches to inch long little pale green buds and shoots of leaves. The weather will be sunny and in the 70s over Easter weekend.

Hope Springs.