Thursday, January 15, 2009

A very warm feeling after a very cold day

Today I was sitting at my desk finishing up some work, and I decided to hit the button on my new keyboard that brings me right to The New York Times. I guess everyone else at my office was busier than I was, because no one had heard about the plane landing on the Hudson River.

Goosebumps are on my arms as I realize how lucky we all are tonight that the tragedy was averted. What a wonderful guy that pilot is. An experienced fighter pilot since Viet Nam, with thirty years of experience as a commercial pilot. And all he had to say was 'hang on, it's going to be a hard landing'. I think he gave people on that aircraft some confidence that they were going to be ok, and then they all had the presence of mind to climb out on those wings and stand shivering waiting for their turn on the boats. What an incredible thing. I can't imagine what I would be thinking if it were me standing inches above the river and know that no matter how bad, we are alive, there is no fire, and the boats are right here to get us. Incredible! Today is a great day for all of us. It is exciting to know that there are so many heroes amongst us, passing us by every day. It is exciting to know that the commuter boats will turn around and be there in minutes, with commuters giving up their coats and holding people to provide warmth. It is exciting to know that a city can stand still while the emergency crews arrive in minutes to help 155 people escape a drowning airplane.

All I can say is that it is a very good night after a very cold day!

Have a good night.