Thursday, January 08, 2009

The hook

This Christmas has been marked by a certain cat behavior. Every once in a while, the kitties disappear, especially Simba. It is very quiet, which usually means trouble. Simba will hunch over something on the floor with rapt attention, then pounce and push the "prey" under the rug or a chair. Safari sometimes joins the fun, but it is Simba who loves wires. This has been happening over and over, several times a day. It seems that Simba had found his own stash of large Christmas tree hooks. I didn't know where he was getting them, and even after I found an open box on my beading table, he still seemed to have another secret stash.

This morning, I got a picture of the kitties being playful with the contraband. They just love these hooks, and no matter how I try, I can't seem to find all of the hooks they have hidden around the house.

Last weekend we moved some furniture in the den to make room for our new recliner. There, under the corner of the couch, was Simba's secret stash. A bent up Christmas tree hook, a twist tie, a 3" piece of beading wire, and a small piece of yarn. And I still haven't found the source of the hooks!

Have a great day.