Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Orleans is back on

George and I had planned a trip to New Orleans for early March and canceled when my mother became ill. It was a few weeks before I could even think about going again, but yesterday I decided to look at Travelocity and see what they had to offer. Clicking through the weekends that looked good, I came across one where the fares and the hotels were really cheap! We made a reservation for May 7 through 11th, with reservations at the really nice Marriott near the French Quarter, and the cost of the flight AND hotel was $550. For both of us! Then they added the tax, tip and trade-in (as we say) and the total was $661. Still a big bargain.

So, we are going back to New Orleans in May. It is after the Jazz Fest, and nothing seemed to be going on that weekend. I thought maybe that was why the fares were so cheap....and then George's Mothers Day! Who goes to New Orleans on Mother's Day? We might be the only tourists there. Sounds like a plan!

Have a great day.