Friday, April 25, 2008

Back from Oklahoma

I am back from my vacation in Oklahoma. It was warm and sunny, but a little windy. There were no thunderstorms this trip, and no tornadoes which is always a good thing. Mom is ok. Being 98 has it's own trials, but she is happy and works hard to be independent. It is hard when your sight and your hearing is bad, but there is nothing wrong with her mind, and she is sharp as a tack.

I made a lot of nice meals for her, did some shopping and dish washing, and bought her a lovely new Lazy Girl recliner in a beautiful wine silk. A lovely chair that she wanted "so she could sit in the sun in her livingroom with her feet up." A good goal, I thought, so off I went to Mathis Brothers, the huge furniture store in Oklahoma City. It is really fun to shop with someone else's money.

I am very happy to be home. Work is good. George is happy and healthy. Life is good. I am enjoying the flowering trees and looking forward to getting back to the health club and back to the garden.

Have a great day.